no one can tell you if this is tail spin or free falling

and neither history nor love is ever enough

three steps left of the centre fold line.
2 January
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Sarah. 22. Student of the creative arts.

Currently completing my honours in theatre and drama studies. Thesis completus, yay!
Still studying theatre design and since the academy now owns my soul, I basically have no life.
(I like to use that as an excuse for never updating.)
This journal's pretty much only used for fic these days.

If I added you, it's probably because we have stuff in common, I like your style, or I like your fic.
I like fic. Fic is good. More fic I say.

currently fanning: fringe aka the anna torv show, community, chuck, being erica,
misfits, californication, archer, castle,
pushing daisies, dead like me, wonderfalls,
the pretender, burn notice, white collar,
slings & arrows, black books, studio 60, alias,
house, bones (we're going through a rough patch) probably others.

people I probably have unhealthy obsessions with: anna torv, kate walsh

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